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The flavor of Americana was sprinkled throughout many of this fall's collections.  From iconic western designs to crafty patchworks and quiltings to head-to-toe denim ensembles.  The old west is back....and better than ever! 

Signature western accents appeared as expected...and quite unexpectedly.  Suede-accented corduroy suiting featured long jackets with fitted bootleg pants...and matching silk blouses and feathered handbags.  Cowboy boots were transformed into pumps and paired with modern menswear.  Ruffled prairie skirts and dresses were given an updated twist via unexpected fabrics and asymmetrical designs. 

Designers also embraced the patchworked patterns and quilted designs of yore.  However, this go-round the crafty creations were often given a mod feel via design or an unexpected pairing...often on the same piece.

Denim--dark, light, and mixed--continued to be doubled-up and featured head-to-toe.  As for accessories, it's your choice -- western-inspired booties or black stilettos!


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August Optical Illusion Tip


The Americana Flavor -- A Dash Will Do


When adding the flavor of an iconic style to your look, remember your morning latte....a shot or two of flavoring is often plenty.  Taking the look too literally ends up coming off as a costume versus a fashion statement.  The result is the outfit gets noticed, but not so much you in the matter how figure-flattering it is.  Remember, the goal is to hear, "you look fabulous in that outfit!"  Not, "well...look at you!!!!"


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