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October Fashion Tip


These Boots Are Made For Walking....Distance To Be Determined


This season, the "it" shoe is a boot...and there are many fabulous options from which to choose.  Over-the-knee, slim slouchy, lace up combat, and western-influenced -- pick any or a combination.  All come is a variety of heel heights, fabrics, and colors.  The key colors being all shades of red, white, and silver--matte to sparkly.  If you prefer a traditional color--black, camel, etc.--this go-round opt for it in patent leather, animal skin, or both! 

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October Optical Illusion Tip


Walk Tall...And Wear Fabulous Boots!


Statement boots are a fabulous way to add a bit of flair to your wardrobe.  For figure flattering success with any boot height, keep in mind 1) the more significant the color break, the bigger the lighter (or brighter) color above or below will appear, and 2) the more breaks in color, the shorter and wider your silhouette will appear.  In other words, in order to enhance or create a long, lean silhouette, opt for boots in the same color or color tone, and break your color line the least amount of times. 

To be blunt -- yep, if you wear black over-the-knee boots with your faded jeans your legs will appear shorter and your "assets" bigger.  'nough said!


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